Check out the highlight video of one of my favourite kick boxers. ?Tyrone Spong has speed, power and fineness in his Dutch style of striking. ?I do have an affinity for this style, as my mother is from Holland… it’s in my blood!

As the primary instructor at The Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness, most people see me as an MMA fighter and Jiu-Jitsu competitor. ?This is true, however, my first love was the striking arts, Muay Thai, Chinese Boxing and Western Boxing. ?As far as certificates or belts go, the striking arts don’t usually have them, besides either being a “fighter” or a teacher. ?In Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai, you fight and when you retire you train other fighters and are called “Kru”(teacher). ?Similarly, in Chinese boxing, you are a beginner, fighter, assistant instructor or “Sifu”(teacher). ?Same goes for boxing, if you are an experienced boxer and teaching people, you are usually referred to as “coach”. ?Currently i have the distinction of all 3, Kru, Sifu and Coach!



Hope you enjoyed the video… if you are interested in kickboxing for fitness or competing come by for a free class!