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Our Programs

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The world’s fastest growing martial art and top choice for real world self defence in grappling. For everyone, from those passionate about the martial arts, all the way to UFC Champions.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn the world’s most competitive striking martial art while shaping, toning, and chiseling your body and having a great time doing it.

Mixed Martial Arts

Widely considered the fastest growing sport in the world, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) came to popularity in the 90’s with the UFC.


Along with running, wrestling is the oldest sport on the planet, both dating back to the first Olympics! Olympic Wrestling is considered the best base of combat sport for MMA.

Kid's Martial Arts

Non-violent, age-appropriate and effective self-defence training for youth ages 5+

Our Difference

What makes the Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness different from other gyms in the Comox Valley?

Our clean, safe, and family-friendly environment.

All of our Comox Valley Mixed Martial Arts programs are run in a family friendly team orientated atmosphere. No bad attitudes or goons to worry about here.

Smart injury-free training is what we are all about. Giving you the most out of your time here and a chance to continually progress as a martial artist without having to worry about getting hurt, burnt out or bored with training.

New to MMA and Fitness?

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New to martial arts and not sure where to begin? You’ve found the right place! Congratulations on getting this far! We?d love to see you out at the gym.